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Skin Problems

Crocodiles have the world's strongest immune systems - Now, give your skin this incredible healing power.

Harness its healing properties to tackle pigmentation, wrinkles, and stretch marks. It is also an effective moisturiser and protects against dry or irritated skin. To use, gently rub into skin after cleansing, then allow 5-10 minutes for full absorption. Crocodile oil may be used on both face and body.


There is no medically-proven cure for eczema. However, for over 40 years, customers have used crocodile oil to effectively ease symptoms of eczema, such as itchiness, redness or inflamed skin. Crocodile oil is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and nourishes while soothing skin. Apply to damaged skin 3-4 times a day.

Crocodile oil is also 100% natural and contains no steroids or harsh chemicals. It is safe for external use on infants, adults and even pets.

Exclusively Ethical

Crocodile oil is a byproduct of the crocodile leather industry. We source only from CITES-approved farms.

No crocodiles are killed for the purpose of making oil, and we believe it should remain that way. This does, however, limit our production capacity as each crocodile yields only 800g of precious oil.

Singaporean Handmade Heritage

Our four-generation family business, founded in 1916, was the first to invent crocodile oil more than 4 decades ago. We treasure our traditions, yet seek constant improvement in our unique method of refining crocodile oil.

Every drop of oil is produced by hand, in Singapore, to ensure the highest quality. Each bottle of crocodile oil is a labour of love by third-generation masters who have spent over forty years perfecting their special techniques.

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